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What's happiness for me?

I'm happy when:

1. I never feel emotionally overwhelmed with anything. Even if something bad happens, my mood quickly goes back to balanced. My mood is best described by quiet but determined contentment.

2. I don’t spend sleepless nights (and days) worrying about stuff. Not because I’m successful at suppressing my negative intrusive thoughts, but because I just don’t have them.

3. I don’t worry about the future. I’m busy trying to live a full live right now and the future will be built on this foundation.

4. I’m free to choose when I can wake up every morning. If I choose to wake up early, I do so because this is aligned with my body needs, not because some self-help book said so.

5. I have time, mental capacity and desire to have in-depth interactions with few selected people instead of having to network and socialise with many strangers. Quality of interaction is key.

6. Yet, I’m not overly attached to people in my life and I don’t depend on them for anything, even my loved ones. I enjoy being with them but if they decide to leave I don’t keep them prisoners.

7. I love my work and it earns me reasonable money. I occupy myself with interesting and mentally stimulating things which I genuinely enjoy.

8. I’m not overly attached to anything material in my life. Things are just things, I enjoy them, but I can easily replace them or let them go.

9. I never rush anywhere. There’s enough time in the day for important things. I get to decide what’s important for me or not. Not someone else.

10. I’m open to new challenging opportunities and I’m not afraid to take some of them. I get to choose which ones and I don’t listen much to what other people say.

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