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Are you happy? Really?

Happiness means different things to different people. And unhappy people are unhappy for different reasons.

What's worse our unhappiness sometimes becomes so embedded in our life and our personality that we stop seeing and feeling that we're unhappy. Indeed, how do we know? Especially if we forget to stop and assess how we feel - let's face it, not all of us practice mindfulness.

Yet, there're common patterns of unhappiness and they're very obvious if we know what to look for. Below are some of them.


The person comes across as insincere and non-authentic. The person doesn’t feel like they can express who they really are. Perhaps because they don’t know who they are, and instead are following the crowd. Perhaps they’re scared to express themselves, because they got burnt in the past or because they think they aren’t good enough. Whatever it’s, it can’t feel happy.

Happy place: I accept myself = I can be authentic and express myself


Constantly unstable rocky relationships which usually include poor communication and manipulation of all sorts. Inability or unwillingness to build stable trustworthy open relationships.

Ever walked into the house of a married couple who fake happiness? Within an hour in that house it becomes so obvious they aren't happy. It just smells fake. It smells tension.

Happy place: I accept others = My relationships get better with time


To oneself, people or life. Negative mindset, negative emotions, unreasonable actions. It’s impossible to hide. Even if someone is crafty enough to hide their negative mindset and suppress their emotions, their actions speak for themselves.

If we regard life as hostile, life bites back, and we become more negative. A vicious circle that starts showing on our face especially as we get older. Ever noticed the grumpy older people who feel miserable all the time? That’s the negative attitude. Definitely doesn’t feel happy.

Happy place: I accept life = I have a balanced attitude to all things in life

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