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8 trends in modern teens notes that today's teens are alright and they are indeed the future. Surveys show that there are some positive trends in today’s youth. Let's have a look at some of them:

1. Today's teens love to volunteer. Studies show that teens who volunteer are more likely to have more fulfilling lives and positive academic career.

2. They care about the environment. Today's teens may come across as apolitical, but here is one cause that they deeply care about and that is protecting the environment.

3. Today's youth think that smoking is not cool.

4. They know that it is stupid to drink and drive. The rate of students who consume alcohol has also fallen.

5. Today's teens try fewer drugs. Recreational use of pain relievers has fallen.

6. They think less about suicide and fewer teens carry weapons to school (in the US).

7. Unwanted teen pregnancy has declined and the rate of abortions among women under 20 has fallen in recent years.

8. Today's teens want to be safe. They are less likely to fight at school. They are also more likely to wear a seat belt.

Source:, 5 May 2019. Read the full article.

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