Teachers notice positive trends

When a recent Reddit user asked, "Teachers of Reddit, what are some positive trends you have noticed in today's youth?" teachers were ready to reveal some uplifting facts.

" Students tend to be drinking a lot more water than when I was at school. "

Today's youth are " being kinder to animals".

" My 6 year old students are really good with encouraging statements, absolutely unprompted by us. Saying very kind things to each other, you wouldn’t believe a 6 year old would have the selflessness to say. "

" They are much better readers than kids even ten years ago."

Kids help each other and work collaboratively on things like shared Google Docs.

" My freshmen (for the most part) tend to be very.... open … They seem to readily share their thoughts, ideas, problems, etc with each other. "

" Kids are incredibly intelligent. Because of the internet they have now they can learn about anything whenever and quickly. They also learn more because parenting is improved, teaching is impro

ved and so they have so much more research on what they're doing that they become more efficient. "

" They’re more aware of the general goings-on in the world and have a strong sense of justice. "

" I'd say they're better at forming their own opinions on issues and morals..... Plus.... they're more open and honest. "

" They're more pragmatic about the choices they make. Taking measures to reduce the amount of student debt they are going to accrue. "

" Students today are increasingly more aware, curious, and resourceful - everything from climate change to science, from the arts to socio-political considerations. "

" I do sex-ed for 14-16 year olds. They always ask how to satisfy the opposite sex and seem less selfish. "

" Have much more focus on the environment than my generation. "

Finally, teachers note that today's kids seem to be much more accepting of people of other cultures, people with special needs and kids with disabilities. Nerd/geek culture is more accepted.

Source: www.someecards.com, 22 July 2019. Read the full article.