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Sneakers made from coffee

The fashion industry has a huge environmental impact, consuming large amounts of land, energy and water. The fashion sector generates 20% of the world's wastewater. So some fashion businesses are finding alternatives to ease the environmental burden.

A Finnish start-up Rens is re-inventing food waste by making sneakers from waste coffee grounds and recycled plastic bottles. Every pair of sneakers is made from 300 grams of used coffee grounds - that's 21 cups of coffee - and six recycled plastic bottles. The sneakers are waterproof and vegan.

Rens isn't the only fashion company that re-invents food waste. Hugo Boss has made shoes out of pineapple leaf fibres. H&M makes the soles of sandals from algae. Stella McCartney is making clothes from mushrooms.

Source: World Economic Forum. Read the full article here.

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