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Food waste harmless? Not at all

Few people realise the impact that food waste has on the planet because we all assume it simply decomposes once we’re done with it. Unfortunately, food that’s sent to landfills doesn’t have the conditions it needs to decompose properly and ends up releasing harmful gases into the Earth’s atmosphere.

So, creative people are introducing new ways to manage food waste.

South Korea now recycles 95% of all food waste.

The country banned sending food to landfills in 2005. By law, every piece of food waste has to be recycled. People must put every scrap in biodegradable bags and get charged for disposal according to weight. Water gets squeezed out of the food waste first, then all the waste is made into fertilizer or animal feed with excess liquid turned into biogas or bio-oil.

Source: World Economic Forum, 12 April 2019. Read the full article.

London-based Small Change, Big Difference initiative has found a way to make sustainability education accessible and engaging through focusing on food waste in schools.

Approaching sustainability through the avenue of food waste opens up the discussion with small children and can create a big impact whilst keeping it simple and relevant to their own lives.

Groundwork London delivers the Small Change, Big Difference initiative, partnering with schools to educate children on the issues of food waste. The programme is currently active in twenty-four schools across London. Some of the examples of pupils participating in the programme were making smoothies from bruised and wonky fruit to give out at the school gates, crowdsourcing a leftovers recipe book from parents at the school, and launching a community fridge where surplus food is offered to parents and pupils for free.

The project has been so successful in its pilot stages in London, that it’s scaling across Europe. The Small Change, Big Difference initiative has been confirmed that it will be in another eleven cities including Barcelona, Brussels, Dublin, Milan and Oslo in the near future.

Source:, 28 August 2019. Read the full article.

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