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7 predictions for future offices talks about how workspaces could transform to fit the design and job trends of the future. Below are some of the most popular predictions.

1. Eco-friendly offices. Sustainable office materials can include those that are minimally processed, as well as natural wood and stone features, and natural lighting.

2. Inclusive workspaces making all members of staff feel welcome at work. For example, greater accessibility for differently abled people in place.

3. Accommodating work-life balance - introducing things like social spaces, ‘workcafés’, games rooms, rejuvenation zones and even meditation areas.

4. Protecting privacy whether it’s protecting confidential company data or maintaining one’s own boundaries in the workplace. We can expect to see more shielded, single-person facilities such as pods, booths and high-back acoustic furniture.

5. More flexible offices that accommodate employees remote working, hot desking or taking on unusual hours.

6. Technology that will revolutionise offices of the future, for example conference room environments will begin to be automatically responsive to users.

7. Food. With food delivery on the rise, it could be the case that canteens and cafeterias won’t be crucial to the workings of future companies.

Source: siliconrepublic, 3 December 2019. Read the full article.

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