5 positive workplace trends under lockdown

A New Zealand based workplace productivity and leadership effectiveness consultancy AskYourTeam surveyed more than 20,000 New Zealanders working from home during the Covid-19 lockdown in April and May 2020. The survey is the first in a series that will track how workplaces are supporting New Zealanders over the next 12 months.

The survey discovered five positive workplace trends during lockdown in New Zealand:

1. Better Communication: despite working remotely, many New Zealanders are reporting better communication from their manager and teammates.

2. Trust: respondents are feeling they are more trusted to work at home and get on with it.

3. Gratitude: bosses have taken the “Be Kind” message on board and employees recognise and are grateful for this.

4. Flexibility: bosses have recognised that everyone’s personal situations are different, and being flexible in how they manage their work and family commitments.

5. Bullying: employees report their workplaces are better prepared to deal with instances of bullying or intimidation.

Source: AskYourTeam, 5 May 2020. Read the full article.