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My thoughts on the Ego

Ego grows to a disproportionate size. Sometimes it becomes so big that the person and their true personality can’t be seen behind their ego.

Ego is fed by fears and insecurities. The greater insecurities - the louder the ego. The more fears we have - the more active our ego is.

Ego is heavy. Literally, it feels like it’s so heavy that it’s taking the person down the negative spiral of negativity, hate, pride. Our lives are harder with ego, emotions are heavier, thoughts are more invasive, interactions with people more toxic.

Everything takes longer and is harder with the ego. The thinking process is longer (because we need to convince our ego), emotions become harder to live through (because the ego makes them stronger and more negative), making the right choices becomes harder (because we’re afraid to take on challenges or can’t hear our intuition).

Ego ruins relationships. This is so obvious. Self-centered, insincere and selfish people, narcissists of all types - all driven by fears and insecurities, unwilling to negotiate, incapable of building balanced relationships, reluctant to share joy with others.

Ego may seem unsurmountable and invincible to the person who tries to fight the ego. It’s scary to deal with the ego, because often it’s so big that the person forgets that there’s more to them than just the ego.

Ego may seem dense and strong, yet it’s made of dark smoke which can easily fade away, as if it was never there. Looking back at the fears I let go and thinking - what I was even thinking? The problem wasn’t there in the first place.

Ego perseveres. It screams and shouts and throws various fearful projections and grim predictions at the person. If you go against your pride, everyone will laugh at you. If you share too much with others, they'll take advantage of you. If you attempt to change your life, you risk losing your stability.

Ego never comes in one shape or form; usually we have layers of ego based on various fears. We can’t get rid of the ego once and for all. There’ll always be something else, just based on a slightly different fear.


The good news is that life becomes much easier once we've learnt to disregard our ego. We don't feel as vulnerable, we have a more balanced self-esteem, our vision is more clear and we better define our goals in life, we aren't overly ambitious and don't ruin important relationships. And we actually get much more in life.

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