Modern parenting trends 2019

Dr. Becca Ballinger, a child psychologist and a Modern Parenting Expert, identifies top modern parenting trends in 2019:

1. Modern Parents want to find a balance between developing a close relationship with their kids, but also being prepared to help them out of the family nest at the right time.

2. Modern Parents want to find the right balance between coddling their kids and neglecting them. This means knowing when to let go and let kids experience the consequences of their actions and when to step in and help their child.

3. Modern Parents increasingly appreciate that motivation in kids is important for their future well-being as adults. If kids don’t begin to explore a sense of purpose based upon their natural talents and interests, they tend to gravitate to activities that simply take up their time without helping them grow as human beings.

4. Modern Parents are seeking to create family environments that align with their unique passions, values, and beliefs – even if this means doing things differently from the way their parents did things or even the way their friends are parenting.

Overall, Modern Parents are great at using information to inform their parenting and understand that being a parent doesn’t mean that you need to give up your personal identity; many Modern Parents are figuring out how to create families that are an accurate reflection of their uniqueness.

Source: Modern Parenting Solutions. Read the full article.



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