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Mindfulness in schools

Meditation, mindfulness training and yoga bring calmness of heart and mind, and reduces stress, anger and anxiety. They also seem to increase attendance at school.

A 2017 survey from the National Institute of Health in the United States found that 1 in 12 children reported that they had practiced yoga during the previous 12 months—and between 2002 and 2012, the number of children and adults practicing yoga doubled in the country. Between 2012 and 2017, the number continued to increase, with yoga classes offered in more than 940 schools across the country.

In Ohio the statewide education initiative "Each Child, Our Future" encourages schools and teachers to offer mindfulness training to students. The initiative offers resources to create well-rounded and capable young people, and address the mental health epidemic in the United States.

Ohio's Yellow Springs High and Mckinney Middle schools are giving students an alternative to classic detention by offering after-school mindfulness practice led by an expert. Every Monday for 30 minutes after classes end, students can sit down on a blanket in a classroom and allow themselves a quiet moment to calm their emotions and focus on stillness, being present, and increasing awareness of themselves and their school environment. Along with mindfulness classes every Monday, Yellow Springs High offers yoga classes in the school library every Wednesday.

Studies have demonstrated that yoga, particularly in students, can help improve responses to stress, process past events that may have been difficult, enhance social engagement, and possibly even improve academic performance.

Source: Good News Network, 29 February 2020. Read the full article.

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