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How millennials eat

Facing significantly more choices than previous generations, millennials (people ages 23 to 38) may not stick to long-standing categories or brands their parents used to buy, experts said. Below are the trends that the food brands in the US are noticing:

Millennials consider themselves 'foodies' and see eating as an experience.

  • They want healthy food...and a bit of indulgence. 

  • They snack more and want to eat on the go.

So, major food brands are responding by launching health-focused products and developing products in small, portable packages.

Food seems to be a social thing for millennials and a way of self-expression. For example, beer produced by small and independent brewers in the US particularly appeals to millennials as they communicate some stories or quality that millennials can associate with.

Source: USA Today, 26 August 2019. Read the full article.

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