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Happiness is a personal choice

That's what I keep telling my kids when they ask me why I always seem so content with life and happy.

Change your perspective

No matter what happens, everything is a matter of perspective. Perspectives can be changed. With practice and perseverance, perspectives can be drastically changed so that we almost never react negatively.

Choose wisely

Make measured well-informed mature balanced choices. Use your logic and your rational mind. They really work well in every day life when we don’t need to make life changing decisions.

Listen to your intuition

When you need to make a life changing decision, however, then use your intuition. Listen to your heart before taking a leap out of your comfort zone. Listening to your heart can work miracles. It can definitely save you from a lot of disappointment. The trick is to learn to listen to your heart. You'd be surprised how many people don't know how to do that.

Work on your attitude

Work on your attitude to failure, negative people and toxic events. Life happens and we aren’t responsible for other people’s behaviour. Take a deep breath. Things will get better. Don't take things personally unless someone has really made the choice to make things personal with you. But even then it's your choice how you react.

Find balance and inner peace

Take care of yourself - your body, emotions, thoughts and beliefs. They won’t miraculously improve on their own. Your inner peace is your responsibility. Without inner peace your intuition becomes quieter, or perhaps you can't hear it. True happiness is impossible when the mind and emotions are in turmoil.

Shape your life

Take the time to understand what you want in life. Then take the time to dream, plan and act. Attract positive people and events into your life. Take calculated risks. Make wise choices. Making wrong choices is better than not making choices at all, at least you'll learn something. Do something. Never stand still.

Go with the flow

Everything around us changes and this is great. Learn to observe life around you - new opportunities are coming up every day. You choose if you want to see and take these opportunities. Are you brave enough? Do you feel the right moment to make the leap into the unknown? Or are you stuck in old comfortable patterns (mental, emotional, physical)? Whatever happens - never stand still, use the smallest opportunity to change something in yourself. Not only this will build your self-confidence, it'll also build your trust in life.

Avoid long spells of negativity

Never stay with people who have become toxic for you and in negative situations for too long. Know your level of tolerance for negativity and your threshold. How long can you really stay in a negative situation without becoming affected? Remember that you'll become affected slowly, in small portions and in small ways. Negative people will take away your self-esteem. Negative situations will change your perspective on life and take you down into a negative spiral where you'll slowly lose your self-confidence and your courage to dream, live and take risks.

Share with others - positively

Whatever you can share - share with someone. No matter how much you can share, there’ll always be someone who can benefit from you sharing. Sharing should bring joy, so please don't force yourself. Start in small ways with whatever you are comfortable sharing. Even if you only share a smile with a stranger today, your smile may save a life.

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