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10 green jobs in 2020

Morning Future identifies 10 environmentally sustainable jobs that are most in demand in 2020 (source: GreenItaly report 2020):

1. Sustainable cook. If you choose this career, keep an eye on locally sourced production, quality brands, organic production and especially on avoiding waste, favoring reuse of materials and excess.

2. High efficiency electric network installer. It's a must for this career to master the regulatory framework on clean energy and the application of all safety laws.

3. Green mechatronic. Mechatronics are bring together the classic motor background with new evolutions towards electronics and IT.

4. Low environmental impact A/C systems installer - working with solar cooling technology that allows you to cool down your environments using solar energy.

5. Energy engineer in charge of energy management systems. Energy management experts conduct energy diagnostics for companies and can formalise steps towards White Certificates.

6. Sustainable materials construction consultant to help companies design new products or requalify them with sustainability criteria in mind, and with the use of new materials and with new construction processes.

7. Environmental industrial mechanic, that is installation and maintenance specialists to help change machinery or modify machinery already in the factories to make them more efficient from an environmental point of view.

8. Environmental lawyer. Environmental sustainability skills in lawyers are considered very important for provision of consultancies to companies and public institutions, but also for representing clients in court.

9. Environmental IT tech - to create software, maintain appliances and install tools. This also includes new jobs like bioinformatics technician – in demand in the biology and genomics industry - and geo-informatics, specialised in geological sciences.

10. Specialist in green accounting who is knowledgeable in terms of eco-bonuses, incentives, white certificates and all laws and policies that relate to deductions and bonuses for environmental sustainability.

Source: Morning Future, 24 January 2020. Read the full article.

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