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Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone?

You're about grabbing that wonderful new opportunity that you think will turn your life around. Or you're wanting to take on a new challenge that might give you some new experience. Or perhaps you're simply bored or otherwise discontent with your present situation. So you're thinking about getting out of your comfort zone.

All good, but before you do that, ask yourself:

What’s success for you?

It’d be useful to define what success means to you before you even jump out of your comfort zone. For me, success is mostly about my personal growth - becoming stronger, kinder, more empowered and balanced person. Everything else in life should (ideally) accompany this.

What does happiness mean?

Are you following your heart?

Or your rational mind? Or your emotions? How do you tell the difference between them? One thing is to follow your intuition, and totally another to jump to some kind of opportunity only because your ego tells you to do so. That’s where mindfulness and self-awareness come in - they help us discover who we really are.

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Are you running from something?

Making changes only to avoid a challenge in your present situation never leads to a good outcome. You may run away from a situation or a person now, but you’ll keep carrying around your insecurities and perceptions that had caused that situation in the first instance. So you may very soon find yourself in a similar situation yet again. So what’s the point of avoiding the present challenge?

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Are you ready to enjoy the process?

Instead of simply focusing on the end result? You see, the end result may or may not be exactly what you desire now, or even if it’s, you may well change by the time you get to your end goal and may not enjoy it as much. So enjoy every moment of getting there, that’s what matters.

Are you prepared to never look back with regret?

No matter what happens, any opportunity is an opportunity to learn something new, even from failure. Even if things haven’t worked out as you thought they would (expectations, ha). After all, you can make changes in your life at any time, and choose new opportunities.

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