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6 leadership trends in 2020s

Will leaders of 2030 be that different than leaders of today? Jacob Morgan posed this question to more than 140 CEOs around the world for his new book, The Future Leader. These six trends will play a major role in shaping future leaders over the next decade and beyond.

1. AI and technology. Leaders need to be well-versed on AI and experiment with new technologies so they can help others understand the potential impact on their jobs.

2. Pace of change. Leaders must lean in and embrace change instead of shying away. Future leaders need to be agile, easily adaptable, and comfortable challenging the status quo.

3. Purpose and meaning. Leaders must first understand their own job, purpose, impact and meaning before helping their employees do the same.

4. New talent landscape. Leaders of the future should strive to develop diverse teams and create an inclusive environment. They need to invest in upskilling employees, find ways to involve older employees and motivate employees of all ages to take control of their own career development.

5. Morality, ethics and transparency. Leaders of the future must determine their own moral compasses and have a strong sense of their personal beliefs. Simply standing still is no longer good enough; leaders need to take a stand and be as transparent and authentic as possible.

6. Globalisation. Future leaders need to embrace globalisation by becoming global citizens who appreciate different cultures and know how to communicate across cultural and language barriers. Foreign ideas should be viewed as opportunities, not fear-filled challenges.

Source: HR Trend Institute, 17 December 2019. Read the full article.

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