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Embracing wellness

MyDomaine talks about 10 health and wellness trends that may be worth considering and embracing:

1. Virtual training allows people to get personal training and instruction from the comfort of their own homes. What's even better, it's often cheaper and more convenient than attending studio classes.

2. Intuitive eating. Instead of counting calories or following an intense cleanse, more and more people are getting back to basics by focusing more on the quality of food and learning to recognise why they reach for certain foods, and how that affects their mood and energy levels.

3. Removing the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Increasingly, social media and technology are helping to chip away at the stigma, cost, and time investment barriers traditionally associated with seeking mental health services.

4. Food sensitivity testing made easy with new technology - you can even take an at-home food sensitivity test to determine what food they can still enjoy, albeit in moderation.

5. Fertility options more accessible and more women are taking control of their family planning and fertility options. Society doesn't see infertility as "dirty thing" anymore.

6. Fit pregnancies with the rise in prenatal-specific workouts as women look to fitness to prepare for childbirth and ease the challenges of labor and delivery.

7. Ayurveda gaining mainstream momentum. Ayurveda is an ancient system from India that focuses on balance between mind, body, and spirit. In the Western world, with the overall trends shift from treatment to prevention strategies, more people are tuning into integrated ways to nourish and heal themselves from the inside out.

8. Focus on skin care with consumers increasingly better informed and beauty brands touting sustainability and naturally-derived ingredients.

9. Focus on rest and recharge - from limiting our screen time in the bedrooms to practicing circadian health (our sleep-wake cycle).

10. Mindfulness. More people are becoming aware of the benefits of being more conscious and fully present in any given moment.

Source: MyDomaine, 1 February 2020. Read the full article.

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