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Do you fear change?

I compare change to the flow of a river. If we're good swimmers we can manage the flow. The more we practice the better we become at that. If we can't swim well, we struggle in the flow. When we struggle we fear the flow and avoid jumping in the river.

Learning to feel the change

Good strong swimmers are those who can feel the flow of the river and go with it. Instead of trying to swim against the flow or trying to remain in the same place by fighting the flow.

Swimming against the flow or fighting the flow to remain immovable takes up a lot of energy and eventually leads nowhere.

Good swimmers can feel when change/flow is coming, the approximate direction of the change/flow and they believe in their strong swimming skills to stay tuned with the flow.

It pays off to learn to feel the change coming, so start paying attention to little details and first subtle signs of change, be it at work or in personal life. These signs are always there but not everyone wants to see them.

Trusting ourselves and life

Stability and commitment come from our belief in our own ability to feel the flow and go with it. Also, from our belief that it’s wise to go with the flow instead of fighting it.

Many people, including myself, spend a lot of energy trying to convince ourselves that the change isn’t right and we can fight it. Well, that’s wrong and leads nowhere. No point fighting the change, but we can learn from it and develop the ability to change quicker.

The way we think about change matters

For me, it’s about changing my way of thinking from ‘oh, another change is coming, not again’ to ‘change is coming, what can I learn from it to become even stronger’. We can only learn from change if we embrace it and go with it.

Learning to enjoy change

Believe it or not, when we learn to identify change well before it has arrived in full force and when we develop the can-do type of attitude to change, it’s quite possible to learn to enjoy change.

Not that we stop fearing it completely, but it’s quite possible to diminish the fear to slight apprehension.

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