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5 ideas to help you deal with unpleasant people

No doubt, we've all met with people who we think are difficult to deal with, or unpleasant or simply weird. So how can we improve our interactions with such people apart from working on our own mindset?

So, if someone is driving you crazy, consider this:

1. Other people work as our psychological mirrors

They reflect back our mental and emotional insecurities. If it wasn’t for other people, how else would we know what we need to improve in ourselves? Sitting in a desert and meditating all day doesn’t particularly help with uncovering our insecurities. Interactions with other people bring out our insecurities much more efficiently ... and then we use meditation to calm down and reflect.

2. People differ in all ways possible

Different cultural backgrounds, genders, upbringing, values, motives and insecurities. Often people are preprogrammed to behave the way they behave. Instead of judging, try to understand why they behave like that.

3. People don’t hurt us intentionally, most of the time

Because they don’t see us when they talk to us; all they see is their own troubles. Also, because people generally aren’t used to analysing their thoughts, emotions and actions. Their own mindset is a mystery to them, let alone other people’s mindsets.

4. A little empathy goes a long way

Just stop, listen and show some empathy. You’ll see that the most unpleasant person may turn into a nice child-like individual who is grateful that someone is listening.

5. You have the right to leave an unpleasant person behind

It’s not our responsibility to improve and change other people. Changing and improving our own mindset is a mission nearly impossible, and we should be busy focusing on that. Instead of focusing on another person. If they’re unwilling to change and their behaviour hurts you, just leave them behind and never look back.

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