3 marketing trends in 2021

A web marketing agency Marvil56 notes down the following marketing trends to come in 2021:

1. Staying sober and enjoying life without alcohol. Brands have recently observed that millennials, one of the most active generations on social media, have adopted a lifestyle of fleeing alcoholic beverages. Instead, they're turning to non-alcoholic drinks with a unique taste which would allow millennials enjoy the evening without getting drunk.

2. Self-love and body positivity. The body becomes a source of positive identity in response to the pressure of society to look flawless, often having tons of make-up for women and muscles from head to toe for men. Beyond a trend, it is also a different way of living, and therefore of consuming, and brands must take this into account in their marketing.

3. Environmental awareness. It’s a whole change that makes us wonder about the way we consume the resources of our mother planet, and pushes us to find solutions. People are becoming increasingly more aware of anti-wasting, cruelty free cosmetic products and recycling. Marketers must now reassure their consumers, and help, on a global scale, for an eco-responsible future.

Source: Marvil56, 9 March 2020. Read the full article.