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10 cultural shifts in 2020s

A global cultural insight consultancy Canopy Insight came up with top 10 cultural shifts to watch in 2019 onwards.

1. Spaces that can transform to suit people's flexible working, nomadic lifestyles and the demand in affordable and adaptable housing. We're moving into a future with less distinct and fixed spaces for work, home and leisure.

2. Challenging traditional understanding of the interplay between science and nature, encouraging people to rethink what is natural. For example, gene-editing scientists attempting to bring extinct animal species back into existence.

3. People are encouraged to discover and explore their own wild experiences in travel, dining, leisure, fashion and luxury. Think about the rise of extreme survival holidays that challenge mental fortitude and physical resolve.

4. Ongoing drive for physical and unmediated ways of engaging with the world - selectively asserting autonomy over technology, e.g. mobile phones. An example of this is culinary experiences that disallow phone use and the rising popularity of eat-with-your-hands dining.

5. Moving from individualism to community focus and a more community-minded way of living. We can also expect to see big changes around ideas of ownership, in terms of home, capital, tools and more.

6. Homes used as production sites. For example, do-it-yourself products, home baking and urban farming.

7. Kids and adults increasingly sharing activities and play, for example using gyms with mixed sport and play that cater to both kids and adults.

8. Increased acceptance of gender fluid and trans identities, as well as ways of living.

9. Sustainable living becoming the norm and framed as economically savvy, evolving from 'nice-to-have' to a no-brainer.

10. Streamlining of autonomous tech, such as AI, which will become more tailored and will be used as necessary, rather than by default. People will become more aware of the roles these devices play and how they work.

Source: The Marketing Society, published by Canopy Insight. Read the full article.

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