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Tired of plastic? Call the milkman

New York wants to solve the plastic waste problem by reinventing the milkman. You order shopping to your doorstep in glass and metal containers for everything from juice to cereal and shampoo to detergent.

When you run out, you put the containers back in the bag, which is collected from your home. The containers are taken away to be washed, refilled and delivered again. So people can eat, drink and wash without creating plastic waste. The system recently launched in Paris and is now getting off the ground in New York.

Source: GreenBiz, 24 January 2019. Read the full article.

Supermarkets in Vietnam have adopted an initiative from Thailand that makes use of banana leaves instead of plastic as a packaging alternative. South Korea banned the use of disposable plastic bags, requiring supermarkets and other commercial establishments to provide recyclable containers to customers. Singapore supermarkets have also been launching campaigns informing the public on the need to reduce plastic bag use. Meanwhile, Taiwanese shops have started charging for single-use plastic bags to discourage customers from using them. China has seen a 66% drop in plastic bag use in over a decade since banning the use of ultra-thin plastic bags in 2008.

Source: Nextshark, 8 April 2019. Read the full article.

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