5 things emotionally unstable people don't do

Someone on Quora asked about the five things that emotionally unstable people don't do. I thought about it long and hard and came up with five things I didn't do when I was emotionally unstable - which was years ago, as I like to think that I'm moving away from that unfortunate and unhappy state of mind.

So, when I was emotionally unstable:

1. I didn’t stop to consciously choose what I thought and how I felt about things. That usually led to my unbalanced behaviour and undesirable results.

Balanced people are always very aware of what they think and how they feel, and they maintain their thoughts and emotions in a clean positive state. After all, we clean our houses and our bodies. Why aren’t we taking care of our inner selves?

2. I didn’t care much about others and didn’t take care of others - be it people, animals, plants, etc. Emotionally unstable people go from one extreme to another and this drains energy.

Balanced people have a lot of energy and can therefore help others, which means balanced people are less selfish.

3. I didn’t live in the moment and didn’t appreciate the little things in my life. My mind was always busy focusing on the past or the future, be it regrets or aspirations. It seemed that happiness lied somewhere in the past or will happen in the future, but never right now.

Balanced people realise that they live NOW and they can change things NOW, but not in the past or the future. And whatever they do NOW will affect the future. So, there’s no point rushing through the NOW to some kind of a goal only to realise that when we achieve this goal, it’s NOW again, and we didn’t enjoy the process of getting there.

4. I didn’t take personal responsibility for what I thought and how I felt. Therefore, I didn’t take full responsibility for my actions either. It was always someone else’s fault, people were nasty and life was unfair.

Balanced people know that whatever happens, they are sufficiently self-aware to stop, assess the situation, think again, stabilize their emotional state and act out of a balanced state. Even if the result is sub-optimal, balanced people enjoy themselves and the process of being in the moment regardless of the result.

5. I didn’t live in a balanced positive world. It seemed that life was ‘happening’ to me, because I had no way to predict how I’d behave in a situation, because my behavior was fully dependent on my unstable moods.

Balanced people see consistent positive results in life, because they don’t depend on their moods, they don’t act out of fear, and the world smiles back at them.

Moodiness, selfishness, restlessness, lack of energy, the blame games - all stem out of fear. It's up to us to overcome this fear - read about the 10 Steps to Overcome Limiting Beliefs.



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