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5 reasons why you should let anxiety go

As someone who spent years worrying about everything in life, I was always wondering what would happen if one day my anxiety was gone. What would come to replace it?

1. We learn to live in the now

The concept of ‘living in the moment’ was the hardest for me to comprehend, as I was a very goal-oriented ambitious person. But when I stopped worrying about past mistakes and future risks, I realized I had some mental space to notice and appreciate what's going on in my life right here, right now. It's about being always aware of my surroundings, but also being aware of myself: what I think, how I feel and what I do. And it isn't about enjoying every moment of my life and the little things, like having a cup of coffee in the middle of a busy day or a walk in the garden. It's also about re-shaping my thoughts and attitudes that are taking me out of my balanced state of mind.

2. Our intuition’s voice becomes stronger

My inner space became quieter and the intuition’s voice finally got through to me. It has always been there, it’s just that I couldn’t hear its voice amongst the loud voices of my intrusive thoughts and overwhelming emotions. Today, I know when my intuition is speaking – it’s like having a calm and clear vision of something or perhaps very clear knowledge that just IS. This knowledge is immovable and solid, but light and breezy at the same time. Solid – because the course of action is suddenly so obvious and clear, and that’s the only way it can be in the given moment, in my circumstances. Breezy – because it comes with a light feeling of complete balance and serenity.

3. We develop more constructive attitude to problems

It’s not that the problems diminish and become less dramatic. It’s just that we can shape our attitude and apply a helicopter view to problems. It’s much easier to put things in perspective and see more pieces of the puzzle when we’re not overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. Our common sense and intuition help us find a course of action that we wouldn't have considered before.

4. Our interactions with people become more positive

We develop an ability to interact with people without applying our fear-based filters to their behaviour. Instead of assuming things, we genuinely listen. We make a genuine attempt to get a glimpse into their universe, without judging. We can let ourselves make that effort because we aren’t anxious, stressed or troubled by anything, so we have some extra mental and emotional capacity to spare.

5. We're open to more new opportunities

We don’t worry about the future, because we’re focused on our current situation, we have clear vision of what we want to do and who we want to be, we put problems in perspective and use common sense to assess potential risks. With that, we become open to new opportunities in life – opportunities that we would have never even considered before. Suddenly these new opportunities are laid out in front of us and we find the courage to follow them because our intuition says so.

Interestingly, our rational mind plays only a partial role in how we apply these five skills in life.

Of course, we still need our rational mind, but excessive logic doesn’t help with – it actually stands in the way of – developing and polishing these five skills. Just try and explain these five skills to a person who loves logic too much and you’ll get nowhere. Very much like fear itself, lack of fear is illogical, too – it’s just there or it isn’t.

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