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Are you balanced? Find out

We hear about being 'balanced' quite a lot, right? I personally love the word 'balanced'.

According to Google, one of the definitions of 'balance' is a situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

Who is a balanced person and what are the benefits of being balanced?

In my opinion, a person is balanced when the person's beliefs and values, thoughts and emotions, and physical actions - they all work in unison and 'are equal' and 'in the correct proportions'.

This means that we're not too logical, or over emotional, and we don't do and say things we later regret. A balanced person seems to go through life easily and gracefully; he or she doesn't lose sleep over things, doesn't overthink things and doesn't go from one extreme to another.

Obviously, there're degrees of balance that people achieve; it's very much a journey and we're all striving for some balance. It's work in progress rather than an end goal.

So, what are the benefits of being more balanced in life?

1. Increased awareness. Balanced people are very aware people, both of themselves and their surroundings. Awareness helps pick up signals from other people and assess situations - from a balanced point of view, of course.

2. Fewer negative thoughts. Thoughts are managed well and on a constant basis. This means they are monitored, assessed for usefulness, and discarded if not constructive. Thoughts are never allowed to escalate into powerful intrusive negative patterns. (Read about the 10 Steps to Overcome Limiting Beliefs)

3. Fewer emotional extremes. In fact, emotions are very measured and .... balanced. No negative emotions, but also no overwhelming positive emotions. A balanced person is a calm person, albeit sometimes it's calmness carved of steel. (Read about the 5 Things Emotionally Unstable People Don't Do)

4. Relationships are easier. Simply because balanced people aren't easily overwhelmed and manipulated into feeling guilt, shame and so on. Also, because the more balanced the person is, the more their capacity for caring for other people. It's just easier to be less selfish, if you're more balanced. (Read the article Selfish Now, Selfish Forever?)

5. More and better opportunities in life. It's simple. With increased awareness, more open and constructive mindset and measured emotions, balanced people are able to identify opportunities where others can't. Not only balanced people can embrace new opportunities, they'll likely identify the opportunities that are right for them, because they aren't driven by a fear based mindset, but they aren't driven by a daredevil mindset, either.

In a nutshell, it's definitely beneficial to strive to be a more balanced person. So what if some people think that balanced people are somewhat boring and their life lacks the spark? It's only once they've got all the spark they wanted, they can appreciate what balance is all about.

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