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3 reasons to ditch regrets

There was a time when I was full of regrets - regretting past events, my mistakes and other people's wrongdoings. I cherished my regrets and indulged in them. I was enjoying them, well, in a perverse sort of way.

Since then, I've moved on and decided that I won't have any regrets about anything whatsoever, never ever. Why? Here are my three reasons to never have regrets about anything.

1. Regrets drain energy - mental, emotional and physical. Low energy levels lead to low motivation in life, a more negative mindset and poor physical health.

2. Regrets about the past take away our power to change the present. Instead of focusing on how we can change ourselves for the better and avoid making the same mistakes, we choose to live in the past. But we can't change the past, no one can.

3. Regrets tend to self-reinforce. The more we regret something, the stronger the regret. Thus, we create a downward negative spiral and the more we spiral down the harder it's to get back on track.

To sum it up, self-pity, resentment and blame are counter-productive. We can only change ourselves in the present moment, in the now. This change requires determination, time, effort and energy. It requires us to focus on our mindset in the now and start reshaping our emotional and physical reactions. Our personal growth brings a better life - for us and those around us. If we keep focusing on the past, we simply won't have the energy to live a better life.

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