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21 ideas that will change the world

According to LinkedIn, here's a list of 21 ideas that will change our world.

  1. The Covid vaccine won’t let us out of social distancing, because it'll take long to roll out the vaccine.

  2. The office will fight to win employees back, but ... the office will have to change,

  3. For many workers, the 9-to-5 will become a 3-2-2: three days in the office, two days working from home and two days off work.

  4. Next year’s must-have tech? Not anything faster, better, newer and different. But anything that makes us feel safer.

  5. Get ready for global recession, Act II.

  6. For leaders, character will be everything. Servant leadership will be a competitive advantage.

  7. Get ready for Heatwave Harry. In 2021, we will name heatwaves like tropical storms and hurricanes and extreme heat will be a silent killer no longer.

  8. The pandemic will send more women to the C-Suite, as the pandemic highlights the importance of leading with empathy.

  9. Instead of living ‘above the store,’ we’ll live in it - by turning empty stores hit by pandemic into housing.

  10. K-shaped recovery will send companies to court the wealthy - companies will be forced to tailor services and products to follow the money in order to thrive.

  11. Job seekers will focus on sharpening their soft skills like creativity and resilience.

  12. Brexit will be complete ... but negotiations will never end.

  13. Streaming will eat — then transform — the movies. Can movie houses find their way back to consumers’ hearts and wallets?

  14. Business travel won’t operate on auto-pilot. Professionals have more-or-less seamlessly adapted to working and meeting remotely, so why travel so much?

  15. We will alter the blueprint of cities re-modelling them in ways that will make urban life more sustainable. And will start planning refuge cities to escape climate change with mass migration to “climate havens”, or cities sheltered from extreme weather with the capacity to grow.

  16. China will grab the spotlight in 2021. Despite a global pandemic originating on its shores, the nation’s economy quickly rebounded, while the United States and Europe are setting themselves up to spend 2021 containing waves of infections that have brought large portions of their economies to a standstill.

  17. Pandemic prevention will stretch far beyond medicine. Increased population density, global travel, deforestation, large-scale farming and melting of the permafrost has disrupted animal habitats, and raised the risk of more frequent zoonotic disease outbreaks.

  18. New building methods will absorb — rather than emit — CO2. Carbon-rich agricultural waste such as rice husks can be used in car interiors or as cement replacement material, safely sequestering carbon. Another option: enlisting bacteria to build new variants of concrete.

  19. Millennials will remake investing in their own image. The investment industry will be forced to adapt in order to follow the money.

  20. We will dive even deeper into virtual worlds, with continued growth and acceptance of digital worlds as viable replacements for in-person experiences and connections.

  21. The pandemic will unleash a new wave of entrepreneurs - the would-be business owners to pursue their great idea rather than rely on a turbulent job market.

Source: Full article on LinkedIn, published on 9 December 2020

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